© Linda Martikainen


Linda is a Finnish choreographer, performance artist and movement teacher based in Helsinki. She works in the mediums of dance and performance art as well as of film.


Her most recent collaboration, Circulating Mouthpiece, was created together with a choreographer-dancer and contemporary composer. This live performance studied an act of breathing and its materiality through the bodies of a dancer and a piccolo quartet. In 2019, the collaboration continues as rehearsals of the new creation, Mouthpiece, start. Currently, Linda is working on a short film Sense of Self which explores challenges of contemporary western society; fatigue, exhaustion and loneliness. Linda is also working on a solo, Meeting _____ which studies corporeality and gender through concepts of wonder and astonishment.

On 2016, Linda graduated with a master in choreography at the Theater Academy in Helsinki. During 2009-2013, she studied dance and performing in Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). In addition to her artistic work, Linda teaches Pilates with a holistic approach.