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Lin Martikainen with artist name Lin Da (they/them) is a Helsinki-based artist, choreographer and performer whose work focuses on observing ecologies of life, touch and encounters with the sense of unreadiness. Lin explores relationships between people and their vicinity in dialogue between non-human and human bodies in different contexts. Their works realize through various means from live art performances to short films and audio performances.

Lin works independently and in collaboration with artists from different fields. Their process-oriented practice utilizes a wide range of techniques and approaches and aims to create art that pushes and redefines the boundaries of the choreographic framework in the form of sound, moving image, installation, performances and events, among others. The venues and contexts of Lin's works are diverse: they have been exhibited and performed in private residences, public urban spaces, galleries and stage spaces. Their latest project Aukeama - Opening space (2023) intersect with dance, visual arts and performance art.

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