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Circulating Mouthpiece

Circulating Mouthpiece studies the breath and the act of breathing. It brings forth the materiality and sensoriality of this every-day movement through contemporary dance and music composition. Breathing is the net of the work. It  assembles dance and music which evolves into a breathing choir of the dancer and the musicians. In the music composition the string instruments and the piccolo are played in atypical registers for these instruments: the piccolo low-pitched and the double bass high-pitched. This turned the traditional roles of the instruments upside down. The choreography of the work materializes rhythms of breathing. The movement composition built from those materials has a playful relation to the music.​

Choreographers: Lin Martikainen and Elias Girod

Dancer: Elias Girod

Composer: Lauri Supponen

Musicians: Malla Vivolin, Max Savikangas, Markus Hohti, Maria Puusaari and Adrian Rigopulos

Production: Uusinta Ensemble

Support: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Helsinki (IIC Helsinki), The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and The Finnish Music Foundation (MES)

Premier in Musiikkitalo on 19.2.2018

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