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The thematic content of the piece arises from research into gravity and magnetism. Another big element of the performance is the 4,000 ping pong balls that lie on the floor for the entire duration of the piece, retracting and expanding, heightening the viewer’s sense of depth of field. These elements allow us to explore the organisation of space and time through the study of how things are drawn together, attracted and repelled.

Overall, Continuum plays with time, duration and spatial relationships by building up, taking down and reorganising the form within the content. Continuum is a powerful, multisensorial piece where sound, light, costume, scenography and dance art are in a continuous permissive dialogue.

(text: Roy Boswell, Lin Martikainen)​

Choreography: Lin Martikainen

Performance: Outi Markkula, Anne Naukkarinen, Justus Pienmunne

Lighting design: Otso Vartiainen

Sound design: Roy Boswell

Costume design: Liisa Niskanen

Scenographer: Juho Lindström

Production: University of Arts Theatre Academy

Premier in COEXIST performance event on 21.11.2014

Password: Gravity

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