Emitting Things

Emitting Things is a dance installation that combines dance, sound and installation art. Emitting Things looks for material and immaterial manifestations of the English word raw. The word indicates unreadiness and a state of being undone.

In this project the main focuses of interest are rhythms, directions and affects that those material beings propose to the human-body. How does it feel to be raw? In Emitting Things the human-body tries to situate itself among the other material beings whose sense of time and duration are different. For how long is a thing raw? 

Concept, choreography: Linda Martikainen

Music and sound design: Jyri Pirinen

Residency: Inkubator/Tanzfaktur

Supported by: City of Helsinki, Arts Promotion Center Finland (Mobility grant), Creative Europe program/i-Portunus and TelepART Mobility Support.

© Linda Martikainen