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Emitting Things

Emitting Things is a project that has had artistic outputs during 2019-2022 in stage and gallery contexts as well as in internet. The outputs of the project are intersected by interest in the dialogue between non-human and human bodies and the study of the relationships between them.

About the artistic outputs

emit is a solo-work (2019) that looked for material and immaterial manifestations of the English word raw (a word that indicates unreadiness and a state of being undone). In this project the main focuses of interest were rhythms, directions and affects that those material beings propose to the human-body. How does it feel to be raw? In the work the human-body tries to situate itself among the other material beings whose sense of time and duration are different. For how long is a thing raw? The solo was performed in Tanzfaktur, Cologne, and in Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki

On autumn 2020 the working group choreographer-dancer Lin Da and composer-sound desigher Jyri Pirinen recomposed the solo-work, emit, into a studio-performance where they both had an activating role. The studio-performance took place on Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki.

In 2021 the working group consist of choreographer Da, costume-set designer Amita Kilumanga, sound designer-composer Jyri Pirinen, lighting designer Olivia Pohjola. Together they work on a audio-performance, rinnakkaisuus_amongness, that will be released in June 2021. The piece is a co-production with Live Art Society.

In February 2022 the project took over the gallery of Stoa in Helsinki to rehearse Jäljellä olevaa dance performance and to install Jälki exhibition. Jälki is an installation that is based on Emitting Things project’s (2019–2021) performance materials that the working group set in new relationships. The installation also offers an opportunity to experience rinnakkaisuus_amongness audio performance.

The project has been supported by: Niilo Helander's Foundation, City of Helsinki, Arts Promotion Center Finland (Mobility grant), Creative Europe program/i-Portunus and TelepART Mobility Support

Residency: Inkubator/Tanzfaktur

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