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Eyes wide open

In the center of this piece is the internal space of the body, which is in some way obscure and has unclear borders. The starting point has been viewing my own internal sensorial horizons. I've been following their leads while they become physical acts. Inhaling. Knees are bending. Exhale. The opening of the palm. I sense how the basic functions of my body move me. I allow my inner world to dissolve into moving me. I'm prone to it. I'm present. I'm spontaneous. Since my empirical world and therefore my whole being is, in all times, being pierced by the presence of the history, the present time and the future, I'm interested in the reflections that these layers of time create in my body and how they are delivered out to the surface of the body. 

Choreography, dance, costume and spatial design:

Lin Martikainen

Production: University of Arts Theatre Academy

Premier in Framings -solo performance event on 13.1.2014

Password: Sensing

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