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Jälki is an installation that is based on Emitting Things project’s (2019–2021) performance materials that the working group rethinks and sets in new relationships. The installation also offers an opportunity to experience rinnakkaisuus_amongness audio performance published in June 2021.

An important way of working for the working group is a process-oriented approach, in which corporeality has been essential means for dialogue and creating content. One part of the installation is a performance, called Jäljellä olevaa, however due to the covid-19 restrictions, the performance part of the installation had to be postponed until the year 2023.


In Emitting Things, the convener of the project choreographer Lin Da is constantly looking for ways how art could serve as a place for encounters between humans and other beings. They are also interested in experimenting with the forms of art presentation in order to create new meeting points between the social and ecological aspects of life.

Working group: Lin Da, Geoffrey Erista, June Horton-White, Amita Kilumanga, Veera Lamberg & Jyri Pirinen

Convener, fasilitator: Lin Da
Production: Live Art Society & Lin Da

Support: Niilo Helander Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Live Art Society & Stoa

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