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Meeting _____

Meeting _____ is a choreographic dance and spoken-word performance that puts light on the embodied power relations around the invisible gestures of care and the labor of care. The work invites to produce collective acts of care, experience care and critically think about the different forms and mechanics of it. The main focuses of the work are touch, skin and a questions of consent. How are the acts of care present in working life and in the life one lives?

As a performance, Meeting _____ asks for the limits of the framework of the stage by pondering the ways audience members can share the space.  The main interest in the choreographic work are the exchange between human and non-human bodies that are working on each other. Those create vibrant and volatile conversations - full of associations and points of resonance.

The process of creating Meeting _____ has been shared in various spaces with different socio-cultural codes, constructions and audiences:

Vapaan Taiteen Tila, La Corrupta/Atelier Mobile, Eskus, Keidas-iltamat/K&C Tila, Indie-Soppa, Haiharan Taidekeskus, Asematila, Poikkeustila Open Stage/Kiasma, Virgiinia/Viipunrinkatu, UrbanApa/Ateneum.

Lin has been working on Meeting _____ in the context of S-projekti in the following residencies: 


Ehkä production's Kutomo residency

Haihara dance art residency


Kekäläinen & Company's Keidas-residency (Helsinki, FI)

Live Art Society's Autumn-residency (Helsinki, FI)


Kone Foundation's Saari-residence (Mynämäki, FI)

The latest version of the performance was performed in August 2022 at Indie-Soppa (outdoors in front of the Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery)

Choreography, performance, spoken-word texts, items and costume: Lin Da

Music: Jyri Pirinen


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