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Meeting _____

Meeting _____ is a dynamic dance and spoken-word performance that aims to deconstruct embodied power relations around hair and furry bodies. In the performance the bodies of the audience are invited to imagine hairy beings and places through their observations of sounds and movements.


Meeting _____ builds from the dynamic dialogue between a synthetic-hair body and a (not so hairy) human-body. The main interest in this work is in the exchange between two bodies that are working on each other. This creates a vibrant and volatile dialogue - full of associations and points of resonance.


Choreography, performance: Lin Da

Music: Jyri Pirinen


Lin Da has been working on Meeting _____ in the context of S-projekti in the following residencies: 


Kekäläinen & Company's Keidas-residency (Helsinki, FI)

Live Art Society's Autumn-residency (Helsinki, FI)


Kone Foundation's Saari-residence (Mynämäki, FI)


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