© Linda Martikainen


Meeting _____ solowork approaches corporeality and gender through astonishment and wonder. In astonishment the subject of ones’ attention is still undefined. The language has not yet discovered what the body perceives. In astonishment, the astonished one meets with the other and waits that the other appears to them. In astonishment, things are not in a certain way, they are as they are. In the act of wonder, ones’ being increases. Wondering shakes the body. It offers an opportunity to re-perceive and experience things. In wondering one practices being.

Meeting _____ is a space to practice the sense of singularity in correlative relations between oneself and ones' surroundings. It is a chance to listen to the landscape that opens up in between the acts of the body as well as in between the various ways it behaves and is. According to philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty the net of in-betweenness is where the sexuality appears as it is, as a dynamic, open and incomplete structure. This solo work is a choreographic proposal which touches these matters through corporeality and sensoriality.

Choreography, performance: Linda Martikainen

Costume and spatial design: Siru Kosonen

Sound design: Jyri Pirinen

Production: Linda Martikainen, Heli Keskikallio

Residencies: Ehkä production/Kutomo (Turku, FI), Central Finland regional dance center/

Haihara (Tampere, FI), Keidas-residency Kekäläinen & Company (Helsinki, FI)