Mouthpiece s a contemporary dance and music piece performed by two dancers and three wind instruments. Mouthpiece takes a critical look at the western polarization of concepts like purity, dirt, sound, noise, light, dark, order and chaos. The work explores these themes by liberating the mouth and its fluids from the shame of social constructions. In Mouthpiece five mouths and their fluids are both the performers and means for the work.

Concept: Elias Girod, Linda Martikainen & Lauri Supponen

Wind instrumentalists: Kaisa Kortelainen, Saku Mattila & Joonatan Rautiola

Choreographer-dancers: Elias Girod & Linda Martikainen

Composer: Lauri Supponen 

Sound designer: Johannes Vartola

Production: Elias Girod, Linda Martikainen, Lauri Supponen, Uusinta Ensemble, Live Art Society

Support: Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Finnish Music Foundation & Kone Foundation

Premier in autumn 2020.

© Linda Martikainen