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The audio performance is an experiential dance which explores being in, and part of nature. It suggests taking the time to wonder and to become sensitised to the existence of various natural organisms. What if we changed our perspective, the life’s scale? What if we empathetically explored different ways and forms of being, including the inanimate? You can experience the audio performance anywhere, anytime and participate in it in a way that suits you. rinnakkaisuus_amongness is an invitation to experience a bodily-empathic dialogue with yourself and the environment.

In order to take part in the audio performance you will need internet connection and a computer or a smart device. As the performance includes binaural sound elements, the best listening experience is achieved with headphones. However, if you do not have headphones at hand, good speakers are also a very good option.


The work is available in Finnish and English.

Duration: 33min 26s

Convener, facilitator, choreographer: Lin Da
Working group: Lin Da, Amita Kilumanga, Veera Lamberg, Jyri Pirinen and Olivia Pohjola
Production: Lin Da and Live Art Society
Support: City of Helsinki, Niilo Helander Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Please find rinnakkaisuus_amongness here via Live Art Society's website (


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