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S-projekti (eng. S-project) is a continuous artistic collaboration where two choreographers study the form of a solo work and its audience relationship. The choreographers, Lin Da and Heli Keskikallio, work side by side creating two solos which both challenge the conventions of a solo performance. The shared questions are: what does the solo performance consists of? Is a solo a performance of one person?


The project has started on autumn 2016 and since that there has being seven informal showings as a part of the solo process. Sharing of the process is way to create dialogue between the surrounding art-makers and the audience of art. Overall, the project works toward sustainability in the long-term artistic processes where the focus is not only on the final outcome but on the process as a whole.

With Lin and Heli is also working a sound designer Jyri Pirinen

S-projekti has had the privileged to work in the following residences:



Ehkä production's Kutomo-residency (Turku, FI),

Central Finland regional dance center's Haihara-residency (Tampere, FI),


Kekäläinen & Company's Keidas-residency (Helsinki, FI)

Live Art Society's Autumn-residency (Helsinki, FI),


Kone Foundation's Saari-residence (Mynämäki, FI),

Kokko1721-residency (Kangasniemi, FI).

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