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Mullin Mallin

Mullin Mallin is S-projekti's new solo work for children. Lin Da and Heli Keskikallio continue their artistic collaboration where two choreographers study the form of a solo work and its audience relationship. In Mullin Mallin they are creating a solo work together and rotating the role of performer. With Lin and Heli is also working a sound designer Jyri Pirinen.

The work is inspired by the tunes of molli, in English minor scale, which refers to three scale patterns. In the performance molli will be explored as a color, material and sound. The performance will happen outside in relationship to the present situation, surroundings and audience.

Choreography & performance: Lin Da & Heli Keskikallio

Sound design & music: Jyri Pirinen

Production: Live Art Society, Lin Da & Heli Keskikallio

Premiered in spring 2022.

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