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Napapiiri - Navel Circle

Napapiiri – Navel Circle (name in Finnish for The Arctic Circle) is a dance performance with ritual elements about touch, skin and the search and composition of connection.


The performances were part of Kuvan Kevät master thesis exhibition that took place at the Academy of Fine Arts (Sörnäisten rantatie 19, Helsinki).


The performance leads the participant on an expedition to the Navel Circle. The purpose of the trip is to get to know the navel experientially. There are two ways in which the audience can join the performance; by witnessing it from the sidelines or participating in the expedition.


Those participating in the expedition are required to take all other explorers into account. The expedition is partly carried out in small groups. All activities on the tour are voluntary, and you can step out of the group at any time and witness the happenings as a bystander.


All the instructions are provided in Finnish and in English. If an expedition member has hearing limitations, the expedition group leader will take this into account.


The performer members of the dance work have become involved in the process through an open invitation letter. The process has been multifaceted and has included, among other things, navel mold casting with each performer. The navel casts are part of Lin Da’s Aukeama - Opening space installation that was on display at the Kuvan Kevät exhibition 5.5.-4.6.2023. In addition, the working group has spent time together in workshops, during which the dance work has taken shape. There have been a total of thirteen workshops and their durations have been 2.5–4 hours at a time.


The performers come from different backgrounds to dance, movement and performance. The common denominators have been a personal relationship with queer identity and an interest in being with the navel through movement, touch and collaboration.


Performances took place on Sundays 14.5., 21.5., 28.5. at 14.00.

Duration: 75 min (approx.)

Language: Finnish and English

The leaders and performers of the Navel Circle expedition: Fri Nilas Lindell, Laura Ropo, Lätsä, Maru and Sora

Convener, choreographer and guide of the trip: Lin Da

Co-choreographers: Fri Nilas Lindell, Fyodor, Laura Ropo, Lätsä, Maru, Sora and Stefanía

Sound design and music for the performance: Jyri Pirinen

Thesis supervisor: Julius Elo

Supporter: The UniArts Helsinki Foun­da­tion

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